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Best personality types for remote workers

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From my personal observations I would say that, if given the option, most people would take the opportunity of dropping their job office for working at home. However, not everyone is suited to such deal. Some personalities fit much better at distant job than others. Also, for hiring managers it’s quite hard to sort a demon of homework from procrastinating bludger. Let’s have a look at some traits that your prospective hire definitely should have.

People Who Enjoy Ambiguity

Research shows that people who are looking for a distant job position love this slight feeling of uncertainity. Those who aren’t comfortable with it may struggle to succeed as remote workers for the reason they want to have a clear indication of what they need to do and enjoy receiving instructions from their superiors. Since working remotely requires initiative and independence it’s more suited to those who like ambiguity.


Highly-Organized People

Virtual working requires an entirely different approach than working in the office. Remote teams aren’t as structured and have no specific processes in place. What this means is that remote workers should be able to organise their work better to keep focused on their work. Other life responsibilities can make virtual working demanding and employees also need to possess excellent time management skills.


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Although it may sound strange, extroverts are more suited to virtual work than introverts. We’ve mentioned it in previous post – social butterflies are more likely to form the necessary connections and have a strong support network to be able to ‘survive’ than introverts.


Carefree People

A carefree person would fit the profile of a remote worker because they are more likely to adhere to the lifestyle. Workers who don’t have many obligations out of work including family responsibilities are more engaged with their remote team and as a result, they tend to perform better. Remote working may be stressful for some people considering that they will have to handle many projects at once and away from an office. Being mindful and relaxed is an advantage for carefree individuals who work as remote workers.


Entrepreneurial People

People who enjoy launching side projects and getting involved in a range of activities excel at virtual working. This is because they have the ability to multitask, to go after what they want and usually succeed in doing so. These people are great remote workers because they have the discipline and motivation to do things for themselves.


Someone also said to me that good example to be put here are people who are not paranoid. He meant that those who are not afraid of their office colleagues talking behind their back and who don’t think major decisions are made without them. However, to me, that point isn’t valid anymore. What I mean is that I can see more and more people workin from home that feel a part of the company to the same extent as their office counterparts.
Still, if you feel like adding some more examples to the above ones, share your thoughts in comments section!


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