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How to better know your virtual team

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When you manage a remote team it might be quite hard to get familiar with all the different personality types of your employees. Without sharing the same workspace, having rooms to drop into to have a small chat during the coffee break, it’s very tricky to get a sense of who your employees are and get to know a bit more than just what they can produce for you and your company. You may of course decide to do some personality test for your workers, e.g. discovering if they are extroverts/introverts, assertive/turbulent or intuitive/observant. This way you will get some picture of your employees, and the earlier you do this test, the earlier you will get to know what type of personality a specific employee has and whether they fit to the position and the company or not.

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Create personalized meetings

You know that your virtual team meets its deadlines and seems to generally get along well with each other. But that’s more about a business side. When it comes the private side – you have completely no idea what their interests are. A good solution would be to organize personalized meetings, where you could just talk a bit about private live matters. I don’t mean something like ”what’s the weather up there in your city?” or ”what an interesting movie you’ve seen lately?”, but something rather more specific so that you could learn about your employees personalities. That will certainly show you as a human being rather than just a soulless boss, boost morale and make you a trustworthy person. Thanks to the above-mentioned personality test you will know in advance how to prepare for such a meeting and what questions to ask.

Assessing a possible promotion

Assume that one of the member of your remote team is sending you a subtle hints that he would be very happy if he gets promotion. Having the results of the personality test, you will know whether this person is suitable for the desired position, which would mean new responsibilities he hasn’t had a chance to take until now.

Determining if an employee still fits with the organization

Let’s make another assumption. One of your employees has been with the organization since the very beginning. Now, you get the impression that he has outgrown his position—and the company, too. Nothing is new to him, fewer and fewer things meet his expectations and overall he doesn’t really feel motivated anymore to do his job. Here you could also make the use of his personality test, review it and see if he’s still being challenged in a way that is unique to his personality type. As such, you can schedule a meeting with him to get the scoop on how he’s really feeling about his role with the company and figure out together how to solve the problem.

It has been already raised in a couple of previous posts in our blog, that to create good relationships, maintain them and get to know each other better when it comes to the team of remote workers, the essential thing would be to meet with each other face-to-face. That’s an obvious factor and cannot be forgotten, but since most of the communication will still go virtually, the three above described solutions are, in my opinion, the best ways to get closer with your remote employees. You are of course welcome to share your thoughts on this topic!

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