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5 traits of a perfect remote job candidate

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A remote worker can have the same range of duties as the office worker. It doesn’t mean that the best remote job candidate would be the same one who expresses himself in a traditional working system. No matter if you are looking for a candidate to work remotely or in the office, they both should know they way around their job, have proper knowledge, skills and experience.

However, when it comes to the soft skills, there might be a difference between remote and office workers. The office ones might be expected to be good team players, be able to share their duties with other coworkers and follow the superiors instructions.


When you are hiring a remote worker, you probably won’t organize his time to the same extent you are doing it with your office subordinates. From you t requires a dose of trust, and from the employee – a self-dependence. It cannot be a type of person who sits and waits until you call him and say ”please do this and this”. You need a person with initiative, a self-starter, who do need anybody giving him instructions and constantly controlling him and his work.

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Indissolubly linked with self-reliance. When you are working in the office, your superior has more control over your job. Remote worker is more responsible for the final outcomes of his job. His attitude towards the job he is performing should be more strict – he should be able to compare the results he achieved with the requirements he got from his boss. A remote workers needs to be sure he did the job the way it was expected to be.


Probably the most important and the most difficult feature of remote job. When you communicate with somebody in the office, he sees you and is able to asses your intentions. It’s not that easy while reading written messages. Remote job is more prone to cause misunderstandings. It is critical that the candidate expresses his thoughts clearly, as fast as possible, no matter what kind of case you are about to discuss.


In relation to the above-mentioned responsibility – here the remote worker is also responsible for taking decisions on his own when nobody is around to help him make it. Remote worker often cannot let himself wait until somebody comes up and take the decision for him, especially in growing companies where people are taking care of fresh, evolving products that require temporary decisions to be taken very often and immediately.


Needless to say, the self-discipline is a very important factor of both stationery and remote worker. However, while the stationery ones can be constantly motivated by superiors or teammates, the remote ones have to keep the discipline often not being supported by anyone but themselves. A perfect candidate needs to work autonomously and motivate himself without being controlled by manager.

Summing up

When you are looking for an appropriate person to work for you remotely, the easiest and most reasonable way would be to hire an experienced worker, who additionally loves this type of job. A good example might be somebody who runs a blog or provide services connected with their professional experience. You may also try to find somebody who is looking for a remote job – there you can also find experienced people. Wherever you are looking for, our advice would be to choose the one who has ”getting things done” attitude.

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