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How to motivate your remote worker?

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It is beyond any doubt that every employee, no matter his salary, position or company’s prestige etc., needs motivation to keep doing his job every day on a high level of quality. While motivating stationery workers might be quite easy, provided that the manager knows how to do it, doing the same with remote subordinates may become a far more challenging task. Being in the office, you always (or almost always) have time to drop by to someone’s desk and tell him a couple of nice words about the task he recently completed. If it’s done in fron of a larger audience, e.g. during team meeting, the self-esteem of the employee grows and he is ready more than ever to show he deserved it and keep doing good job or try his best to do even more. How about the remote employees? They for sure do not have chance to be built up front of other team members. Their direct superiors have to make sure the remote workers are being motivated on regular basis so that they not only keep doing their job, but also feel an important and integral part of the team and whole company.

Here are some tips how to keep remote employees engaged and make them feel appreciated:


It is a well-known fact, that regognizing employees work leads to boosting their morale, improving company culture, or making employees feel that without their work company would not function that good. While many companies have a recognition program for their stationery workers in place, not all of them extend it to their offsite team. It really doesn’t have to be a monetary award, a simple ”good job!” e-mail would also work and mean a lot for an employee.

Personal growth opportunities

The remote workers should also benefit from training and development programs sponsored by the company. They should have a chance to take part in online learning programs, so that they can choose the ones that are most convenient, interesting and effective for them. Moreover, they should have the same advancement path as the onsite workers.

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Virtual meetings

Scheduling virtual meetings with remote staff is as important as regular office meetings when there is something to communicate. Those meetings may be held as a way to track their progress, let them know what is going on within the company, or keep the offsite team have contact between each other and their boss. Visual calls can be an excellent resource for these meetings, as the digital eye-to-eye contact is much better than
any phone call, not mentioning the impersonal e-mails.


Offsite employees have the same right to know what you think about their job as the onsite ones. It’s very important to express your opinion about their work on regular basis. It can help you establish what is required from the offistes and also help them better understand your way of thinking. Asking the remote workers for feedback is equally important. It’s a good way to find employees strengths, likes and dislikes. It may reveal some potential problems or wishes, and allows you to react accordingly.

Live meetings

If at all possible, arrange face to face meetings between you, onsite and offsite teams. Nothing builds relationship better than live meeting and informal conversations about anything that is not related to work. It will make the teams stronger, will for sure strenghten the relationships and as a result, the mutual trust between them will grow.

Summing up

Remote workers, just like the onsite ones, need to feel valued. It is not enough to just send out work, then take it back, and expect great results every time this round repeats. They are among your business’s key assets and keeping them motivated is one of your key responsibilities.

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