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Maintaining work-life balance while working from home

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When you are a stationery worker, the boundaries between your office life and your private life are clearly visible – unless you spend 16hrs per day, 7 days a week in the office. But I assume you don’t. How does it look like for the ones that exclusively work from home? At first sight, answer to this question might seem quite obvious. Working home does not differ from office work that much – the only apparent difference is that you are not commuting and that you are sitting comfortably in the place you live. Is it true reality of a remote worker? Or maybe there are some other differences that might influence offsite workers and that force them to maintain work-life balance as well? Let’s have a look certain aspects of working at home and figure out whether people running home-based businesses or remote workers really need to worry about possible blurring of their work-life balance.

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People working from home often keep wearing pyjamas till the middle of the day, all of a sudden realizing they did not change it. Although it may seem not to be very important, getting properly dressed have a significant influence on your attitude towards work. Of course I am not saying you should put heels or a suit while working home, however getting rid of pyjamas and putting on something that you would wear e.g. in cinema will certainly help you get a work mindset. At the end of the day, you should treat your home as a real work environment.

Coming back to the previous post titled ”What you need to perform remote work”, another thing that might help maintain a work-life balance is a separate area destined solely to job duties. This is next aspect that separates your work life from your personal one. Once you’ve reached your working area, treat your day as a normal workday – imagine you’ve left the house and now you’re in the office.

As important as getting engaged in the business once you are in your office, is to take breaks. Seems obvious, but people very often tend to rather spend the breaks surfing on the Internet, eating breakfast in front of the computer, or simply not devoting this time only to have a rest, but doing some work-related stuff. On the other hand, some are taking care of house duties, so during every break they take they do the dishes, washing, ironing or any other home activity that should either be done by someone else or after work. This definitely doesn’t help you maintain work-life balance, and what is more – makes you more tired, because actually you don’t take any breaks.

The most crucial aspect of having a well-balanced life is to ”turn off” the business when it has to be turned off. Although it is very important to be connected, it is no less important to shut off when the work is finished. You cannot be available all the time, because this may become an expectation in the future and lead to a complete decline of your private time.

A good way of making sure you won’t come up with an idea to stay connected for long hours when it is unnecessary is to plan your time after work. Go to the gym, pool, meet with friends or plan any other activity than will calm you down and prepare for another working day. Having a proper rest after work is crucial in maintaining your vital processes.

You may also try working outside home. There are a lot of places with free wi-fi so there is nothing more simpler that just take your laptop and go to some café  or restaurant, sit down and work, in the meantime enjoying some good cup of coffee or a meal.


Ss you have seen, maintaining work-life balance is not that easy as it seems at first sight. Working at home doesn’t mean you always feel comfortable, because you have your beloved desk, chair, toilet and kitchen close at hand. Sometimes it is better to go out of home for 8 hours, leave all the business cases in the faraway office and come back enjoying your house. Consider all the above-mentioned aspects while taking remote work to keep your life well-balanced.

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