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My company, our company, or how to make an employee that their well-being depends on the well-being of the whole company

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The modern labor market is besieged with job offers, and the working conditions are constantly improving. In the result of such state of affairs, employees are more fussy and demanding than ever before, because there is plenty of working options they may choose from. Nowadays, those are companies which need to make an effort, work on their positive image and the motivation system to acquire employees, especially fully-fledged ones, and make their under doings effective.

Because satisfied employee would go beyond their minimum responsibilities and contribute to the company’s development, which isn’t yet a norm. According to some recent studies as those conducted by Gallup Institute, only 13% of employees in the world are involved in their professional responsibilities. Why? Because it is impossible to please everybody, there is no single, reliable way to motivate everyone to work. A great impact on eagerness to work has such factors as an age range, an industry as well as the internal structure of a company. And the key role plays here people responsible for employer branding, whose responsibility is to plan the strategy in such a way as to suit the target audience.

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Good work, in a good atmosphere, with good allowances and training

If one wishes their company to be successful and bring profit, they need to make sure the atmosphere at work a positive one and nobody feels uncomfortable and at some risk. More committed to what they are doing and effective are employees who feel at ease while performing their duties, for instance, when they know they will be able to relax from time to time for than five minutes, for example, spending their breaks on a nap. Even more motivated are those whose hard work is extra rewarded, or who know they will receive proper training before being assigned new tasks.

And employees who can trust their employers, i.e., they know what they can expect and are certain their employment is stable, will demonstrate proactive implementation of the company’s objectives.

Internal communication

Internal communication – it is probably the most crucial element necessary to the proper functioning of any organization. What keeps employees together, working for the benefit of the greater good, is primarily the sense of belonging. It motivates them to perform their duties and discovers the potential of the team. To some business operating worldwide, which employees work remotely, though, it may be a troublesome issue. Bonds loosen.  Fortunately, new technologies come to one’s aid.

Clear goals and ability to influence company decisions

Having the right employees at their disposal, managers should set realistic yet ambitious goals and communicate them clearly to their subordinates. Such a practice reduces frustration from the impossible to realize plans that will kill the commitment at the very beginning. And it is vital that goals are linked to the organization’s strategy if it is to prosper.

Both the mission and vision of the company is something that distinguishes it from thousands of other similar organizations. The better an employee learns what is a priority for business purposes, the sooner they start to understand and identify with the plans. Thanks to the skillful communication of mission and company vision, employees start to feel the sense of their duties, which translates into their increased involvement in work.

Aware and planned incentive schemes

Employers are not irrational sheep. They are becoming more and more aware that the process of building their engagement in what they are doing needs time and demands consequence in action. One-shot bonuses or raises are not effective enough to motivate them to work hard. The company needs to facilitate their working conditions in the first place.

Good news is that there is a bewildering number of new ways of involving employees. These can be both platforms supporting employee communication as well as solutions for introducing healthy sports competition within the company. There are also systems, such as Remotecamp, that allow employees to calculate how much time they spend on tasks and reduce inefficiency which causes the decrease in their productivity and, therefore, wages.

Summing up

Employer branding is undergoing the process of rapid developement, therefore new solutions are necessary to help motivate employees. Fortunately, the market is full of tools that would distinguish employers and make it easier to attract new job applicants. However, it should be kept in mind that it tooks time to select apropriate ones. When selecting them, remember to adjust the system to the company’s character and purpose.


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