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Nontraditional benefits and perks your employee may want

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Some time ago I started to wonder what is the main factor that makes one company more attractive for the candidates than the other one. Maybe benefits? OK, but nowadays many companies offer the same range of benefits and perks. Actually, to be a significant player on the employee market, you need to offer a wide range of benefits. Without them, you cannot really expect anyone to be interested in your openings. That’s clear, but still doesn’t answer the question I asked at the beginning. Therefore, I started to explore the Internet to find out what types of benefits the companies provide. Don’t worry, I won’t be maundering you with another beadroll of typical benefits like healthcare or theatre tickets. Let’s be honest – it’s not that tempting like it used to be. Now you need to stand out from the rest with your benefits package. Let me then show you what I found:

  • On-site gym – provided by Reebok along with crossfit classes. Now when staying in shape is in vogue, it’s a good way to keep employees at work a bit longer. Just a joke:) Or maybe not…
  • Soccer tournament – that would definitely work in Poland and I know some companies that form teams and take part in such initiatives. But what the Bain&Company consulting firm does is even more exceptional. They’re holding an annual 3-day tournament in a different city each year. Employees from all of its offices around the world are invited to participate.
  • Intern benefits – Facebook company, except for paying a considerable salary, provides interns with healthcare coverage and free housing
  • Pet benefits – who else could come up with an idea to provide the employees with healthcare benefit package for pets, than the healthcare system company? Scripps Health does it for cats and dogs


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  • Parental assistanceAmerican Express came up with the initiative to give both mothers and fathers up to 5 months of fully paid leave. New moms also typically receive 6 to 8 weeks of salary continuation for medical leave. Additionally, parents are given access to a lactation consultant.
  • SabbaticalsDeloitte offers its employees two sabbatical programs. Employees can take an unpaid one-month sabbatical for any reason and a three-to-six-month sabbatical with 40 percent pay for personal or professional growth opportunities. That’s real employee investment!
  • New parent programs – another company that offers benefits for parents is Amazon. They are offering several different programs for new parents. For example – a leave-share option that lets employees share paid leave with their partner if the partner’s company does not offer paid leave.
  • CounselingSouthwest Airlines’ Clear Skies Employee Assistance Program provides confidential counseling and referral services for employees to help with a range of issues, including stress, substance abuse, grief and relationship problems.
  • On-site amenitiesThe biotechnology company Genentech offers a variety of on-site amenities for employees, including car washes, haircuts, child care, mobile spa treatments and dentist services.

As you may see, there is way more to offer for the employee than just a basic healthcare package or paid vacation. Of course some of the above mentioned benefits are strictly connected with the line of business of the company. Still I think, nothing stops you from offering a benefot that would be unique for the line of business of your company. If you came across any other nontraditional benefits or have any other idea what that could be, share your suggestions with us!


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