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Pros and cons of remote work

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When you think about remote work, you probably have a lot of positive associations with it – spending more time at home, not being ”traced” everyday by intrusive boss, avoiding daily commuting stucked in an overcrowded tram or bus, or not being forced to spend half of your life in a traffic jam listening to the same radio station, inhaling car fumes and shouting at other drivers that are for sure worse than you. So, in a nutshell, nothing than peace and harmony. Really?

Remote work does not only mean you work at home. In fact, it is working wherever you are, unless it as an office. Like every type of work, remote working has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have ever wondered whether it is something for you, please find the subjective list and description of its biggest pros and cons.


First thing that comes to my mind. No more alarm clocks, no more traffic jams or broken trams. Now it is you who determine your wake up time and place of work. Your only concern should be the wi-fi connection. Moreover, if you have something urgent to do besides your work – you no longer need to ask your boss if you can leave the office earlier or come later. Do you like working listening to music? Go on! Watching movie at the same time you work? Pure and simple. You manage your time. However, there is a possibility that something might go wrong. Here we go with…

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For those who work remotely – how many times you said to yourself – ”I will never ever respond to any e-mail after 8pm?”. Or ”this was the last time I made the project during the weekend?”. It might be that remote workers, especialy those who work only at home, feel like there are closed in a cage. They start the day in the office and finish it in the office. In fact they live in the office 24hrs. In such conditions the lines between office and home may blur.

Time Saving

As mentioned above, you are no longer forced to use trams, buses, or even your own car to go to work. No more dilemmas whether to eat breakfast at home or buy something during break at work. You do not have to prepare your clothes beforehand, iron them and wonder whether today you look good and if your colleagues will notice that you bought new shoes. So, as a result, you save your time and you can do many better things than running on a bus stop. Sleep longer for example.


You probably do not have the chance to have as many distractions around you when you work in the office, than if you work at home. Hungry cat, angry wife (or Angry Birds), favourite TV series, your beloved and cosy armchair or sofa, where you can take just a very very short sleep. Just to regenerate. There are many more of them looking around you when you work at home. So you need to be ruthless to yourself to keep discipline and say no to many distracting factors if you want to be effective and productive while working home.

How Others See You

Many people do not quite understand the nature of remote work, so there are many misunderstandings stemming from this fact. Because, if you are at home, why wouldn’t you take the plates out of the dishwasher or go for a walk with your dog? Sometimes it is hard for them to understand, that ”the remotes” are also working. They need to be as much (or even more) focused on their work as regular office workers, and the work breaks are for them to eat something rather than to do house duties.


What might be the advantage for ones, is a disadvantage for others. Working at home you are cursed with being alone. There is nobody you can go smoke a cigarette with, or who will make you coffee while you are in the toilet. You may end up talking to yourself for the majority of time, and you have almost no motivation to lift your appearance to at least acceptable level. You may sometimes feel like a hermit having no contact with other people, or only from time to time.

Friendly Conditions

Nevertheless, if you are a type of person that does not really like contact with ohter people, homeworking is a great thing for you. You may avoid going on job interviews, stress connected with meeting new people and getting familiar with company culture. Moreover, if you need silence, there wouldn’t be probably better place for you than your own home. Here you have your cat, your favourite coffee, chair and toilet bowl, and your own company, which is definitely far more better and real than fake environment and fake people in the office.

If you have already answered the question, whether the remote work is for you or not, very well then. If you haven’t, let me do the brief summary:

  • Biggest advantage – you rule your time. Biggest disadvantage – you rule your time. If you don’t motivate yourself to work, nobody will do it for you.
  • You need to stay motivated, love what you do, because it is not possible to stay home and do work you don’t like. You have to realize all the above and all the other pros and cons of remote work that come to your mind – if you are able to accept them – go on and find a remote job!
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