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Remote conference call mistakes to avoid

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While you’re sitting and preparing yourself and your team for the very important remote conference call with your customer, you’re probably focusing mainly on how to make a good impression. That’s ok. But what if you start from what could go wrong? Will that defend your from making mistakes during the call? Yes, it can. Even if you make some mistake, you have many chances that the worst of them won’t happen. First you need to realize what can go wrong and take some preventive actions.

No agenda

While a regular team meeting or casual brainstorming session can be easily handled without a detailed agenda, it’s much harder to do so during a call with customer. Even if you have an agenda for how you want to host the call and what you want to accomplish, you may not think to distribute it to your guests ahead of time, or not want to give away that information before the call itself. Moreover – can you imagine spontaneous talk to the customer about the results of your work for them? Not really.


No supporting material

Once you have an agenda, make also sure you prepare all the necessary supporting documentation. It’s important not only to know what will be discussed, but also to know what to say and how to picture a specific topic in details. When participants have a clear concept of what will be discussed during the call, it shows them your respect towards them.


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Too much small talk

I know you’d probably like to show yourself from the most friendly side at the beginning of the call. It’s no wrong to do that, but remember all the small talk things need to be as short as possible. You have professional people who devoted their time to attend your conference call. It’s business time. Leave your pleasantries and trivialities at the door, nobody wants to hear them. Spending time on chit chat may be boring and frustrating for participants. Especially those who have a lot to do may start to instantly switch off to more interesting matters before the conversation even begun. Also, they may leave the call before you cover everything what was on the agenda.


No reminder before the call

That’s quite a big fail, especially when you need all of the invitees to attend and cannot do without them. People are busy, overloaded with mails and may not remember about your conference call, that is the most important thing, but only for you. Even the most enthusiastic and time-conscious guest might not save the date and time of the call to their calendar right away, and the email gets quickly buried in their inbox and forgotten.


Showing up late

That’s even a bigger fail – especially when you have been reminding your participants of the call. And if you have an announcement feature turned on, then there are really no excuses for you. You probably realize what it means when you are the conference host. The conversation won’t start without you. I don’t want to upset you, but if the conference is with your customer – this might be a straight way to losing your client.


No mute button on

You should never ever neglect it. This magical button can be especially useful to people working remotely and looking after children, or sitting in a café, or those busy jet-setters who might be about to step on a plane. Wherever you are, if it’s noisy and you aren’t actually speaking at that moment in time, hit mute. Everybody will thank you for it.

Avoiding the common mistakes listed here will put you on the path to easy, efficient conference calls that attendees truly want to dial into every time. Like always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas on the raised topic.


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