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Remote-managed employees – how to deal with it?

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In the contemporary modernized world, remote work becomes more and more popular. Companies decide to hire workers in different parts of the world as it is more convenient and brings profits to the business. One of the reasons for hiring remote workers is the fact that an employee with skills perfectly fitting into the profile may not be available locally. Thus, employers decide to hire a person living in a different city, and sometimes even from a different continent.

But with such workers, there appears the problem of managing a team comprised of people working in different places of the world and, very often, working in different time zones.

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How To Manage Remote Employees?

Managing remote workers can be a headache if you don’t do it properly. It may help you save not only time but money. And here are the tips on how to deal with such employees effectively.

  • Communicate. Communication is the no.1 priority in managing a remote team. It clears up all understatements and helps to make work dynamic. There are many online platforms which make communication easier. You can talk with your entire team or pick up a private conversation. If there is an emergency which has to be managed immediately, a communication platform will serve as a great tool for getting it through to all remote workers. And after hours it’s always good to talk with your team about random things, to make them feel relaxed and create a strong bond between all members of your team.
  • Track Time. The great way to manage remote workers is to implement time tracking system. And the best software to do so is RemoteCamp! It helps to manage your employees’ work from one place. With the feature of screenshots you can control their activities and have insight into their work. Thanks to it you are certain that you pay them for the hours they actually work.
  • Encourage Teamwork. If your remote workers work together, their outcomes bring much more benefits to the business. Additionally, their projects are more consistent and comprehensive. There are many tools available for teamwork, beginning from group chats to platforms for sharing content and files. Using them can boost your business’ success.
  • Set Clear Objectives. Always tell your team what you expect from them. Talk about your and their ideas and make sure they understand what their work is about. Provide instructions, give feedback and help if they need it.
  • Appreciate them. Make them feel that their work is important and that they’re part of the team. Always keep them updated with the company’s progress. Talk to them about their problems and expectations. Award them with bonuses and don’t forget about their positive impact on the company.

Best Tools For Communication

After all, managing remote workers comes down to communication. Because it is the main factor contributing to the productive work of the employees working in different parts of the globe. For this reason, we prepared the list of five best communication tools.

1. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular platforms for communication. It is used by many remote workers all over the globe. It is an easy in use app enabling fast and convenient communication. Slack makes it possible to share files, to talk in a group or individual chat and easily exchange information. It is available on mobile devices which makes the communication faster and more vital.

2. Skype

Next to Slack Skype is another tool used by many remote workers. With its easy functions of video calls, voice calls, and chats you can communicate with your team without a problem. Skype also allows sharing files and sharing screen during a conversation. It’s easy to use and has a friendly interface.


joinme screen is a communication with which you can take screenshots and share them with your team. It’s also an app enabling communication without any distractions and confusions. Easy and comfortable!

4. Google Hangouts

google hangouts screen

With Google Hangouts you can sync your content with other apps. When using this software you can easily access video and voice messages and chat. The great advantage of this software is that it works with other Google apps.

5. Jell

jell screen

If you and your team work in different time zones, Jell comes with help. The tool helps to settle hours during which you can easily communicate with your employees or team. And you don’t have to worry you’ll wake someone up in the middle of the night.

6. Quip 

quip screen

With Quip sharing your projects and files is now easy. Moreover, you can keep it all in one place and everybody can have access to the files. Besides, the messages and all communication stay in one place, always accessible to your team.

Remote-managed Employees And Communication

Communication in remote work is extremely possible. And tools created for it can help to stay on top of business in every company. Once you know your objectives and what the needs of you and your remote workers are, it’s easy to choose. And the options are limitless.

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