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Why remote work is important for entrepreneurs

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As the telecommuting becomes more and more popular form of work, many companies start to implement it within their structures. There are some companies, that are basing 100% on remote workforce, thanks to which they gain significant benefits. Below I’ve outlined several reasons why remote work is so important for entrepreneurs.

Money saving

This is the reason that probably captures managers imagination the most. Nowadays, companies are very focused on cutting unnecessary costs. And renting an office space might be a huge expense. Transition to remote job system may let you save considerable amount of money, not only from paying a rent or a mortgage. Aside from that, you’ll save on office furniture, supplies, maintenance or even snacks.


Possibility to find the best talent – not only in your area

Once you’ve decided to implement the remote workforce, you’re able to search for the potential candidates all over the world. Now you don’t have to care where the employee comes from – technology will allow you to get rid of all those barriers like different city, country, timezones, commuting and so on. Also, this may speed up the recruitment processes and will allow you to focus less on hiring and more on improving and growing your business.


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Having happier and more loyal team

More and more employees can’t imagine not working from home at least a couple of times a week. It’s because they need to work in a more flexible environment. Especially those, that have families can’t afford to work 9-5pm continuously. Thus, flexibility is a feature they look for on their current or future job.
As many studies show, when employees are given what they want, they are happier, more productive and less stressed. They also feel more affiliated to the company. That also increases a loyalty towards company, which in turn increases retention rates.


Having more diverse team

The more diversity in the company, the more points of view and possible ways to achieve success. It’s not a big secret, that if in your team there are people from all over the world, it can give you nothing but great benefits. What if you have only Europeans or only Asians in the team? After some time, you will probably find yourself in a point that nobody comes up with new, groundbreaking ideas. For you as an entrepreneur, it’s critical to have people from different geographic areas and cultural socio-economic backgrounds. This can open your eyes to different perspectives on ideas, which obviously leads to making your products or services more noteworthy.


Great ‘selling point’ when attracting talent

As mentioned above, remote work is something that many people look for—and offering this arrangement can give you a significant competitive advantage, especially if you’re running a small or new company in an industry in which you’re competing with big, established employers for the best talent.
If and when you’re just getting off the ground and you have little else to offer, remote work is one of the most appealing “perks” you can use to sell yourself to job seeker.


Employees won’t constantly feel the need for a vacation

Working from home can feel like a break from the office, even though your employees are still working. Employees will get to recharge and spend more time with their families, so they might not feel constantly like taking a two-week vacation.


These are only a few points that make the remote work so important for entrepreneurs. If you are running your business and ponder over implementing remote workforce, get familiar with above points and feel free to share other ones!


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