Here at RemoteCamp we’re fully aware, that our Customers depend on us every day. We take all of the issues connected with security and reliability of our systems extremely seriously. Fulfilling those needs is our priority.

Physical Security

Our servers are placed in the highest quality server room in Beauharnois, Canada. This building is equipped in top-level security systems. Servers are constantly being monitored. The buildings are well protected and emergency source of power is available.

Data Backup

We backup our whole database every day and store these copies in various places. The history from last 30 days is always available.

Advanced Permissions System

We provide a strong and flexible permissions system to specify who has an access to which part of our system.

Highest Performance

Our unified environment of servers is composed of the best and the safest solutions available. This guarantees the speed of our application and the security of data. We take care about always having our software up to date, which makes the security level even higher.