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Six New Applications For Freelancers That You Have Not Heard About

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A decision to leave a stable, full-time employment and become a freelancer is not easy to make. The constant hunt for commissions, problems with work organization – all those may tip the balance in favor of the former. But the devil’s not so black as he is painted. Technology comes to our aid with a wide solutions facilitating some of the most pressing problems, such as creating to-do lists or managing time, especially the number of actions that they can perform for us is almost unlimited. Since new, exceptional products appear on the market every day, we have prepared for you a list of products that will be useful in remote work,  though our choice may amaze you.

Here are some tools for freelancers that will facilitate task management:


It is a time tracking tool dedicated to companies which hire remote workers. Besides a time tracker, it offers an advanced screenshot system. It can be turned on in settings and similarly turned off. A useful feature is the possibility to blur screenshots. Those are particularly crucial in the case of companies using the services of freelance programmers who have signed an NDA agreement. Such people often make use of code which they created for other companies.

RemoteCamp also allows screenshots to be seen by employees whose computer screens are being monitored. If such an employee decides to remove a certain screenshot, tracked time will be canceled. Time can be added, too, but only manually, which a manager, administrator of an account will be informed of.

Instant 3.0

The program is dedicated to iOS and Android systems. Its aim is to  check how much time one spends on traveling, how much time one uses their phone, sleeps, works. All this to enable one to manage their time more efficiently. And the app is for free.

Great team use RemoteCamp - try it for free

Here are some apps that will help freelancers work remotely:

Web Gradients

The software offers a free collection of 180 linear gradients that can be used as content backdrops in any part of one’s website and to be downloaded Sketch & Photoshop. Not only will you save a lot of time by looking for a good list, but you will also get a guarantee that the colors won’t strain the users.



Cassette is an application for all creative people who base their work on conversations, meetings, lectures or video conferences. The tool will record your conversation and provide you with its transcription. It supports languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. The app is dedicated to iOS and it costs 10$(+) for a three-hour transcription.


Here are some tools for freelancers that will facilitate the process of collecting feedback:


We present you  web application which aim is to track and analyze user behavior on the website. If you want to see if your design and UX pages are functional and intuitive, Jaco will provide you with the data you need. Jaco is for free up to a thousand sessions, over a thousand $220 per month.



This tool is a web application making possible the collection of feedback from a website visitors. It will help one find out how to improve the design and functionality of the website or ask users to give their opinion before making changes. Its trial version (14 days) is for free, then the subscription is necessary, and it is based on a plan payable from $20 per month.


Are you a freelancer in search of handy solutions. You are in a right place! Check those we have proposed.

Great team use RemoteCamp - try it for free

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