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Tips to become a competent leader of a remote team

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What features does the competent leader of a virtual team has to have? Are there any exceptional skills or attributes such a person needs to have? Or maybe there is no difference between leaders of remote and onsite teams? Just like there are a lot of things that differentiate remote work from stationery work, also remote team leader needs to focus on other points that will help him lead the team successfully. Here, I would suggest a couple of advices thanks to which you will become a competent virtual team leader.

Collaborate and get the team together

It’s no secret that collaboration is a key to bolster up work process. When team members get to know each other and understand each other, there is little room for miscommunication. Instead, people are sharing their thoughts effectively, which in turn gives wonderful results in achieving common goals and forming strategies.


Use common language

One of the most common obstacles faced by the leaders of virtual team is to effectively get the idea across the team and make sure they all understood it. Most confusions arise when technical terms are misunderstood. Here, a good solution would be to use a language that is easy to comprehend by all. Try to discuss terminology and work processes with your team. Ask them about their understanding of the discussed items and figure out potential stickers that may occur.


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Manage cultural diversity

As mentioned in previous posts (e.g. get back to ”Why Remote Work is Important for Entrepreneurs”), one of the main benefits of hiring remote workers is the lack of limits concerning location or timezones. However, it also has its own set of issues. People have their own beliefs regarding religion and different senses of moral ethics. Sometimes, this can be an obstacle when team members have to decide on their own and undertake informed decisions. Something that might be perfectly acceptable and normal in one culture might be unacceptable in another. Virtual team leaders should make efforts to understand the mindset of people belonging to different cultures and respect their beliefs.


Use best technology

The technology used to control work process often determines potential success and outcomes of a project. With new technologies emerging day-by-day, there is a lot of scope in terms of features and facilities offered by various project management tools. It is compulsory that correct tools are used to monitor work and make teams accountable for the work it does. Virtual team leaders should research properly and find the correct online tools which can boost productivity levels.

And the most important is to…


Communicate effectively

Like already said numerous times – this is a key to keep your virtual team together, work effectively and stay motivated. Effective communication requires careful attention to listening, presenting one’s own thoughts and ideas as clearly as possible. Focusing on conveying constructive points, choosing the right technology to quickly and sensitively express a clear message. It includes important feedback messages and often requires daily contact during especially fast-changing times.


Hopefully you found the above tips supportive. Still, you are more than welcome to share your point of view and any other idea or advice that might help current or future leaders of remote teams to prepare for the role!


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