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Tips to build relationships within your distributed team

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You have probably wondered many times how to build strong relationships in your remote team. Earning respect and trust of every team member might be one of the biggest challenges for a leader of such a team. So what have you already done to earn that respect and trust? What can you do more to make them feel your engagement in their everyday work? I don’t mean that obvious things that every team leader should care about – getting to know each other or meeting in person (if possible). Those I assume have already been proposed and executed. In this post I would rather focus on some other activities, that may help you and your team build a strong bond with each other.


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Fun and rewarding activities

Sure it can be done with virtual team. Easily! You can set some goals and achieve altogether even if you are in different countries or timezones. For example, if you are struggling with something in your private life – lack of motivation to go to the gym regularly, being overweight or simply following improper diet – have everyone set himself a goal, support each other in achieving it and of course at the endo of this challenge – give award or some kind of punishment – but a funny one.


Team building games

There are some games that may be played both in person and virtually. Let’s have a look at what could be done by your team to bond them together and create common memories:

  • virtual office tour – make a tour through your office using your laptop webcam. Show your fellow teammates your workspace, show off your desk, your office stuff, and your dog. Then have them do the same. You can also show more if you’d like to let them have a look into your private life. So if you’re working at home at the moment, go to the kitchen or your living room. Without of course going too deep into your private life, but still you can show your more ”human” face
  • video charades – a good idea is to play games like charades virtually. Rules are exactly the same as playing in the office with a group of people, but instead, it’s through a camera lens. These games help everyone working together, solving problems and at the same time having fun.
  • building story narratives – this type of game boosts creativity and imagination. One person makes the first line of the story and the other ones are supposed to add another line each. In this game you never know which direction the plot will go, and this is the fun part of it. It’s one of the virtual team building activities that takes a matter of minutes and gives everyone a good laugh.
  • Matching favourite quotes with funny pictures – creating memes is always an amusing game to play. You can run a competition for the best combination of quotations and pictures by taking a vote at the end of the day. Set parameters so nothing gets too inappropriate.


There are many other examples of games and other types of activities that might be done to create strong relationships within the virtual teams. Actually I would say that most of the games that are deemed to be possible to play only ”live”, are also possible to be played virtually. The only limit is your imagination. Feel welcome to share some other ideas with us!


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