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What you need to perform remote work?

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If you are a person curious about starting a remote work, or an employer eager to hire remote worker or a team of remote employees, you should definitely think about certain facilities that will enable the remote job. Except for the personal features the offiste worker should have, and which you can find under my earlier post ‘‘5 traits of a perfect remote job candidate”, you as a future homeworker and you as his future manager should both think about specific the office supplies. It is not that obvious who provides the equipment for a remote worker. Although it seems to be beyond any argument, that it should be the employer who does that, many remote workers are starting to use their own hardware while working from home. If this is the case, it would be reasonable for the company that does not go to any expenses regarding buying or maintaining the computer or printer, to increase the salary of the employee.

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There are some companies that provide everything an offsite worker needs. They guarantee a computer, smartphone, printer, and other stuff depending on the needs of the job. Thanks to this companies feel comfortable knowing their remote employees have everything they need in their home office to perform the job successfully. This allows companies to install any needed software on employee computers as well, ensuring employees are setup properly from the very beginning.

Referring to the above paragraph, what the offsite worker absolutely needs is of course a computer. Obviously it cannot be any computer. It needs to have specific parameters – appropriate software, installed applications facilitating the employee’s job. Things are getting more complexed when the company wants to hire a specialist, e.g. a graphic designer, because in such a case the employee will need a special graphic software, a computer with good graphics card and a high definition monitor.

Other devices the remote worker cannot live without are headset and a phone. If the company expects remote employee to participate in video conferences, they should also provide a camera (unless the employee uses a laptop with built-in camera) and a headset. Many workers will also not be able to perform their job without a phone. This thing can be solved two ways – either the employer provides a phone and pays the bills or lets the employees use their personal phones and pays only for business calls.

How about a high-speed and failure-free Internet? A thing that is often being omitted by employers because it is so obvious, that hardly anybody asks about it while checking the working conditions of an offsite worker. Needless to say that without at least good Internet connection there is no way the remote job can be performed.

Let’s say that now all the devices required for a remote job are there. Nevertheless, except for them there is one additional thing that is essential for the remote employees to do their job successfully – a quiet spot. It needs to be a comfortable place, in which employees could efficiently organize their working life. Something like a small office with a desk, space for office supplies, binders and of course all the above mentioned equipment.

Summing up

Having everything required for performing a remote job may involve some effort and definitely setting some agreements between the both sides – an employee and employer. Some companies provide all the necessary equipment for an offsite worker, so that they feel secure that they have guaranteed everything what us needed for the employee. Other companies rely on employees private equipment, and limit the number of provided devices to the minimum. A salary increase would be in that case a fair solution. What is your idea about arranging a working space for remote employees? How do you go about it? Share your opinion with us and let us also learn something from your own experience!

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